Sunway College

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About the College

Sunway College is one of the best IT College in Nepal. Since its establishment in the year 2010, we have been providing academic excellence to produce highly skilled human resources. We are an IT College in Nepal dedicated to mint academic and professional standards in our students.Working with multiple international universities has given us a peak on their education system and that has inspired us to make our own system better. Sunway College is affiliated with Birmingham City University (BCU) which is recognized as one of the most promising academic institutions in the United Kingdom. The academic collaboration with BCU offers graduate students numerous opportunities and exposure in the international market.

Sunway College provides students with a range of scholarship programs in addition to reasonable tuition rates to support students financially. Sunway College also awards scholarships based on students’ athletic abilities and talents.We adopt an internationally recognized L-T-W (Lecture, Tutorial, and Workshop) teaching approach which focuses on the practicality and applicability of learning. Through a holistic approach, our academic program is designed to assist students in integrating their knowledge into real-world circumstances.

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Behind Maitidevi Temple, Maitidevi