Nepal No.1 Foreign Affiliation University

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Institute of International Management Science (IIMS)

IIMS College, located at Dhobidhara, Kathmandu near Putalisadak, is affiliated with multiple universities including foreign universities. Institute of International Management Science (IIMS) College, is affiliated with Taylor’s University of Malaysia, Asian College of Higher Studies (ACHS) College is affiliated with Tribhuvan University TU of Nepal, and Lincoln International College of Management & IT (LICMIT) is affiliated with Lincoln University College located in Malaysia. 

Under Taylor’s University, IIMS provides BCS (Hons) program with 120 credit hours with a duration of four years or 12 semesters (1 semester of 4 months). The education, course, and practical assignments are advanced compared to the universities of Nepal. The program follows a 60% practical-based mark and a 40% theory-based score. The college provides the necessary facilities with experienced lecturers and tutors who help in developing lots of skills throughout the program. There are 33 subjects with specifications after completing one year of the course. 

  • Option 1: Data Science

  • Option 2: Cyber Security

  • Option 3: Mobile Computing

  • Option 4: Artificial Intelligence

The university tends to make the students more skillful and socially experienced with its eight TGC capabilities guaranteeing the completion of the four years of the course. It is the college that provides a friendly learning environment for the students to grow their skills. They also experience different pieces of training during the semester.


Overall, IIMS College, is affiliated with Taylor’s University, which provides students with an understanding of core topics in computer science, both theoretical and practical, alongside a wide range of technical and analytical skills. Students will also gain experience with the numerous and fascinating applications of Computer science including desktop, web, digitalization, and mobile applications.